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The Sewing Atelier is a Fashion & Hobby hub based in Singapore.

Since 2006, The Sewing Atelier has provided education and instructorship to people from different walks of life. We are proud to count Lawyers, Nurses & keen Housewives as some of our happy students.

As we suggest, We make the art of Sewing & Garment making both fun and engaging to a variety of people from different professions. So if you are wondering what engages our audiences? Even with something as intricate as Garment Making…

At the Atelier, we make it easy!

We approach the intricate nature of garment making & handicrafts with a simple pedagogy.

That is to apply what we have gathered over 25 years in the Garment making field and make the learning experience seamless, without compromising on quality.

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The Sewing Atelier specializes in teaching Dressmaking, Men’s Shirts and Kid’s wear & have expanded our repertoire ever since. We offer Sewing  & Pattern-Making classes at affordable rates at Hougang Ave 7.

We are two dedicated trainers eager to share with you the secrets of all things sewing. Take a look at the short courses offered below (link to short courses)

The Main instructor is an Alumnus of Esmod France with over 25 years of experience in the industry under her belt. She has thought Fashion & Design in various Local secondary schools, community clubs and has even owned a boutique in her younger days.

The Assistant instructor took a particular interest in Street-wear and that led him to join Nittaya. He is The Sewing Atelier’s administrative officer, student relations and foremost a passionate instructor.

You might be pleased & interested to know that:

– We do not teach fixed syllables. The requests of our students differ from case to case.

– The Sewing Atelier is an air-conditioned studio equipped with sewing machines, over-lock machines, mannequins & pattern making equipment. Did we mention that we stock a sizeable selection of fabrics as well?

– There will be 2 to 10 students per time slot. Everybody will/may be pursuing different projects and will be individually instructed.

– Our teaching style is heuristic. Sewing and pattern making is a hands-on process. We rely very little on reading material.

– Our timing is flexible, we allow students to tweak their schedules with us where they have work or family commitments. (etc you may come in 30 minutes earlier and leave 30 minutes before hand to fetch your child from school.)


Short Courses

Plush toy making

Plush toy making

Ever thought of bringing a childhood drawing to life? Others have done it. We will show you how.



Trade secrets revealed! Disclaimer: Students will need an intermediate level of understanding in garment making for draping to be thought.

Pet clothing

Pet clothing

Even our Furry friends are not left out! Come and see how easy it is.

Bag/ Purse Making & Handicrafts

Bag/ Purse Making & Handicrafts

Read all the DIY handicraft books and watched all the Internet videos? Find them confusing? We will teach you how to get the most out your handicraft books.



If you are a connoisseur of Hand-made products then you will definitely enjoy stitching up something entirely by hand.

DIY Alteration

DIY Alteration

An invaluable skill! If you are looking to alter your old garments instead of throwing them away. We will guide you through.


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We told you it was easy! Now let us Bring the world of Fashion to you.

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